Customer Service


Shipping & Delivery

We offer shipping options through UPS at no charge to our registered customers.  The information needed for the service is:  contact name, complete pick-up address, phone number, email address (all of which are entered when registering your account.)  The only additional information needed will be the weight of the package and the dimensions if shipping in a box.  Your Account Representative will be in contact with you to discuss the specifics.  After providing all the necessary information, you will be emailed a shipping label directly from UPS.  All that you'll need to do is print out the label and schedule a pick-up with your local UPS.


If you decide to use a different method of shipping you will be fully responsible for the tracking information and cost.  Quick Cash for Remotes will not be liable in any form or fashion for the perceived value of the package or its contents.


We understand that there may be some issues with the remotes received.  Whether it be the price, condition, functionality, or other circumstances, we will gladly assist in the return process.  Most of the returns we experience are for remotes that are deemed unusable and have no value and are instructed by our customers to dispose of them, which we will happily do.  In the event that you would like them delivered back, we will at no extra cost to you.


Our competitive pricing is based on many factors that can change at any time without notice.  Prices that are quoted on our site at the time you place your order will be honored.  Although, the price may be different the next time you place an order.  Prices are mostly based on demand, inventory levels, and the cost incurred to make the remotes resell-able.  Understand that the value of a used remote is considerably less than the replacement cost for obvious reasons.   


Payment for your remotes will only be made after they are received by our purchasing center, and inspected for functionality and condition.  Our purchasing center will have a copy of your order to ensure that all the items on the order match the shipment.  Once these steps have been completed, your Account Representative will contact you to discuss your desired payment option.  Methods include PayPal or company check and you can expect your payment within 7 business days from completion of your order process.  Company checks will be sent First Class by USPS.  If you request an expedited delivery for your check, the shipping charges will be deducted from your total.

Viewing Orders/Updating Account Information

You will have full access to all of your current and past orders on your profile dashboard.  You will be able to see the status of your order throughout the process.  In addition, please keep your account information updated as that will be the information used for your account purposes, especially for the mailing address of your payment.