We will buy ALL of your old/used/new remotes!

If you have any extra remotes, we will buy them! Mail them to us and we will send a check to you. It is that simple!


Select "Quick Values By Picture" from Main Menu

  • Fill Out Short Registration Information
  • Take Clear Picture(s) of your Remotes as Illustrated
  • Upload, Read and Agree to terms, then Click Submit
  • You will be Contacted by one of our Purchasers within 24 business hours with your Quote and Completion Instructions

Select "Look-Up Values & Sell Online" from Main Menu

  • New users will simply need to click "Register", fill out a short form, and click "Register" at bottom.
  • Once your account has been approved and activated by a member or our team, you will be contacted via phone or email.
  • You can then, once again, click "Look-Up Values and Sell Online", enter your username and password, then browse our pricing by searching make, type of remote, or FCC number.
  • From there, you can enter the quantity of each product you have, add to cart, click on your cart to review, and finalize by selecting "Checkout" on bottom of page.
  • Shortly after, you will be contacted by a member of our team!

Select "Sell by The Box"

  • Fill out form and click submit.
  • Receive a call or email from one of our purchasers, who will then email you a shipping label for your box of remotes. Please enclose contact information with your remotes.
  • Once we receive your remotes, we will determine their value. You will then be contacted with the total. If you agree, payment method will be discussed. If not, we simply return them to you at our cost.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us!

I found a box of remotes at the dealership I work at and told my Sales Manager about this site.  We sent it in and got $1200!  He used it towards a sales promotion for the team.  It was found money!

Pat M.   Chicago, IL

I own a salvage yard and just kept thowing the fobs into drums.  You could not believe how much money I got for them, I was truly amazed!

Bob R.  New York


After wasting much time and energy trying to sell all of my remotes on auction sites, I found Quick Cash 4 Keys.  Now I can just ship to them and get my cash quick and easy.  I now buy all the leftover remotes from all the dealers and rental car agencies and make great extra cash!

J.T    Dallas, TX


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can! We have been purchasing used car remotes from individuals, auto dealers, salvage, and locksmith professionals, for almost 10 years. We have a proven track record of conducting our operations with the utmost honesty and integrity.
The price of each remote will vary, based on supply-and-demand, condition, and quantity available. Clicking the "Sell Online" link above, will allow you to browse the value of individual remotes. However, the most common and simple practice is to select the "SELL BY THE BOX" link on the toolbar, and simply give us a count. IMPORTANT - The per remote value, listed in the "Sell Online" section above, is based on the remote being in excellent condition (No cracks, button icons not faded, etc). We will still buy damaged or worn remotes, but for less than the amounts listed!

How does the selling process work?

The process is simple.
1) Count your Remotes
2) Contact us by clicking the "SELL BY THE BOX" link above, fill out the requested information (or call us directly)
3) Ship your remotes to Quick Cash 4 Keys
4) Upon arrival at our facility, your remotes will be counted and valued
4) We will then contact you with the cash value of the remotes
5) If you approve, WE SEND YOU A CHECK!
We work closely with companies that can sell you replacement remotes for your personal vehicles.
Please call us at 216-990-5564 for more information.
Many of our customers have made quite a bit of extra money sending us remotes.
If you would like, you can visit your local car dealerships, car rental agencies, and salvage yards to get more remotes.
You absolutely can, but once you start getting checks, you may not want to!

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